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Beautiful natural areas

Among other things, Zeeland is known for the peace and space one experiences on the beach, but also in nature. Forests, dunes and nature reserves provide lots of greenery, many animal species and plenty of inspiration for nature lovers. Photographers are in their element, but walkers, cyclists and those seeking peace and quiet also like to visit the various nature reserves on the Zeeland coast.

Space and tranquillity

The Manteling

A beautiful nature reserve between Domburg and Oostkapelle. It looks like an ordinary forest, but this area is rich in cultural history and was built to protect the land from the sea winds. Hardly anywhere else in Europe do deciduous trees grow so close to the coast. In this area, you can hear a nightingale singing and a seagull squawking at the same time. Over the years, the oak trees have acquired a unique, sinuous shape.


The Oranjezon nature reserve is part of the Manteling, located between Oostkapelle and Vrouwenpolder. The area is home to numerous different animal species. You may come face to face with a fallow deer or a roe deer. Squirrels also hop from tree to tree. The variation in the landscape makes it a favourable habitat for many plant and animal species.

Oranjezon is also a popular attraction for cyclists and walkers. There are five marked hiking trails in the nature reserve, varying in distance from 3 to 7 km. A must during your visit to Oranjezon, is the beautiful watchtower!

Camping Westhove - Oranjezon nature reserve:
2.0 kilometres

Even as a local, I like to go out for a walk in one of the nature reserves; I always see something new, it never gets boring!

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