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The beach; beautiful in every season

The beaches of Domburg and Oostkapelle are just a stone's throw away from Camping Westhove. Not only are the beaches spacious and beautiful, they are also among the cleanest in the Netherlands. The beach is often associated with the summer season, but it is also enjoyable in spring, autumn and winter. A refreshing walk along the coastline, catching the first spring sun with your snout in the sun or drinking a hot chocolate in the beach pavilion overlooking the tide. The beach never gets boring!

The beach belongs to everyone!

Domburg beach is especially known for its characteristic pile heads, distinctive beach huts and its nice atmosphere.

Camping Westhove is surrounded by several Walcheren beaches. On the one hand, there are the popular beaches with lots of entertainment, beach pavilions and surfing opportunities. Do you prefer peace and quiet? Then visit the smaller, quieter beaches, because there are plenty of those too. Almost all beaches on Walcheren have been awarded the blue flag. This flag symbolises clean beaches and bathing water of excellent quality.

Dogs & beach

It's a holiday for your dog too! However, please note that dogs are not allowed on every beach at all times. In the period from 1 May to 15 September, between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m., dogs are not allowed on the Domburg beach. On the beaches just outside Domburg, dogs are allowed all year round. The same rules apply to riders with their horses; dog and horse owners therefore often meet on the beach at the same times.

Camping Westhove - Beach Domburg: 1.5 km

"The beaches between Westkapelle and Domburg are ideal for a great day of sand and sea. Later in the day, too, it's great here!"

Need peace, space and fresh air? Visit the Zeeland coast!

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