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Zeeland's oldest coastal town

Behind the dunes of the beautiful North Sea beach and just 1500m from Camping Westhove, lies the atmospheric seaside resort of Domburg. The picturesque village, full of atmosphere, fresh sea air and surrounded by extensive woods and nature reserves has been a tourist attraction for years.

Always filled terraces

Centre of Domburg

Domburg owes its charm and atmosphere to the always-filled terraces and the various exclusive shops that are open seven days a week. The tourist market, held weekly on Mondays in the main season, brings a lot of conviviality and is definitely worth a visit. Besides the tourist market, various activities and events are organised weekly in the main street of the centre during the main season.

Can you hear the nightingale?

The Manteling

A beautiful nature reserve between Domburg and Oostkapelle. It looks like an ordinary forest, but this area is rich in cultural history and was built to protect the land from the sea winds. Hardly anywhere else in Europe do deciduous trees grow so close to the coast. In this area, you can hear a nightingale singing and a seagull squawking at the same time. Over the years, the oak trees have acquired a unique, sinuous shape. De Manteling nature reserve is also home to various animal species. If you are lucky, you will meet a squirrel, roe deer or fallow deer while walking.

Camping Westhove - De Manteling nature reserve
2.3 kilometres

The beaches between Westkapelle and Domburg are ideal for a wonderful day of sand and sea. In the afternoon and early evening, too, you can have a great time here.

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